A sustainable now for a brighter future

Our commitment to environmentally friendly cuisine

We pride ourselves on pairing culinary excellence with a genuine commitment to honouring our responsibility towards the environment and future generations. The linchpin of our mission and vision is a sustainability concept that combines superior dining with social and environmental awareness. We invite you to join us on a gourmet journey that is as good for the environment as it is on the palate. Together, we can shape a future where culinary excellence and sustainability blend harmoniously.

Seasonal ingredients, locally sourced from organic farming

Our chefs prioritise fresh, seasonal ingredients of premium quality. To secure a reliable supply, we have established close partnerships with local organic farms. We visit our partner farms on a regular basis and liaise directly with the farmers to ensure only sustainable production methods are used.

Food waste reduction strategies

Thanks to awareness-raising staff training and workshops, our kitchen brigade are aware of the importance of actively minimising food waste. Our strategy is to use surplus ingredients to create innovative dishes and sauces. We also donate surplus food to outreach organisations, which serves the dual purpose of reducing waste and contributing to our community.

Energy efficiency and renewable sources

We use energy-efficient kitchen appliances and cover our energy requirements through environmentally friendly technologies and renewable sources, such as our own hydroelectric power plant, a CHP plant and a photovoltaic system. We clean and service our appliances regularly to keep them efficient, and use timers and automatic switch-off functions to reduce consumption when appliances are not being used.

Continuous training and awareness campaigns

We offer our staff continuous training to raise and maintain their awareness regarding sustainability issues such as conservation of resources, waste avoidance, energy efficiency and sustainable procurement. We encourage an open dialogue and exchange of ideas for improvement during staff meetings, and also offer specific training courses and workshops to develop concrete strategies for reducing food waste. All these measures aim to promote each member of staff’s personal commitment to a more sustainable future.

Sustainable menus

For our menus, we focus on seasonal, regionally sourced ingredients to support local suppliers while also minimising our carbon footprint through short delivery routes. The vegetarian and vegan options in our menus contribute to preserving natural resources and reducing greenhouse gases. The origin of our ingredients is labelled clearly to provide guests with transparent information about sustainable sourcing and encourage environmentally conscious choices.

Exhaustive information for guests

Detailed information about our sustainability initiatives, partnerships with organic farms and environmental endeavours is provided on our website. All sustainable dishes and foods from organic farms are clearly labelled on the menu to help guests make conscious choices.

Our service staff are fully trained to provide details about ingredients and sustainability practices, and make recommendations accordingly.

Eco-friendly cleaning products

To avoid water pollution and protect the health of our staff, we use biodegradable cleaning products that are free from harmful chemicals.

We also use reusable microfibre cloths, which allow for effective cleaning without the need for aggressive chemicals. This also helps us reduce disposable products and minimise waste. Our cleaning staff are trained in environmentally friendly cleaning methods, and we regularly reassess our processes to keep minimising our ecological footprint.

Organic waste composting

We have introduced a composting system that allows us to reduce waste and produce compost by using organic kitchen waste such as vegetable cuttings and coffee grounds. 

Our compost is delivered to local farmers or gardeners to be used as a natural fertiliser, turning waste into a valuable resource for agriculture.

Promoting species-appropriate animal husbandry

As part of our commitment to animal welfare and nature preservation, we prioritise meat products from farms that practise species-appropriate animal husbandry, such as pasture farming. We also offer a range of vegetarian and vegan dishes to ensure that guests following a plant-based diet have options that are as delicious as they are healthy and environmentally conscious.

Partnering with local fisheries

When sourcing fish and seafood, we give preference to local, sustainable businesses and certified fisheries to support our regional economy, preserve traditional practices and protect biodiversity. Our selection is based on non-overfished species from MSC-certified suppliers. By working closely with local fisheries, we can secure our supply of sustainable products while also promoting dialogue on sustainable fishing practices.